Lucia and Trini wrote a great piece on charity work!!  


Nowadays, people are more worried about material things than about giving a little of themselves to help poor people.  I believe charity work is a great way to help people.

First of all, I think that helping is also good for the one that is doing it because you feel proud of yourself. There are plenty of ways to help people for example donating on the internet or going to an organization and offer your help.  You can donate food, money, clothes, material for making houses, medical devices or whatever you want ( but they have to be in good condition).

In addition, you can also donate your time, for example you can teach something to children, read to the blind, you can make children laugh and have a good time, build a house to poor people (for  example organization TECHO). Some people think that helping at least half an hour doesn’t help, but it helps more than they think.

Summarizing, helping warms your heart and it won’t take up nothing from you. They will appreciate it a lot, and of course they really need it. I believe that if everyone helps a little bit, this will be a better world.

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