Black Beauty

Black Beauty goes through many experiences. Choose one and retell it. (I want details!!!)

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  1. Cami De Martini says:

    The experience that I choose for my assignment was: When I was 2 years old something happened that I will we never forget. It was the beginning of spring, I was feeding in the field with the rest of the horses when I heard dogs barking. Horses and men reacted instantly when they heard this alarming noise. Duchess and an older horse were already there when we got to the fence. It seemed that the dogs had founded a hare. They raced up to the top of the field with men on horseback following with green jackets. We were astonished of what was happening, we couldn’t see them until they returned to catch the hare. The poor creature was trapped, as fast as the dogs could see it they were going to kill it. And that was exactly what happened, one shriek and it was dead. All the gentlemen seem happy with the outcome of the hunt.

  2. Facundo says:

    This story was grate!.His most memorable experience was this one:

    When I was 2 years old something happened that I will never forget. It was spring , and a misterious light was over the field and also the trees, the we were eating and suddenly our master and the hounds came and chased a hare. The hare was fast but my master and the dogs were faster, when the animal tried to pass through a fance the dogs killed it.

  3. mariaaragone says:

    Be careful with grammar and agreement. Well done!!

  4. González irazusta says:

    The experencias that i chouse is this :When Black Beauty was two years old , it was early spring and a misterious light was over the field and also the trees , all the young horses were feeding when they heard dogs crying.The oldest of them shouted HOUNDS. In that moment all raced off. The others horses followed to the top of the field. My mother and another horse were near. The dogs were racing , men came with horses and others in coats , the dogs stop shouting and the old horse said ” i think that is escape ” but sudenly the dogs shout again we follow the dogs and we heard a horrible scream one of the mens was covered on blood but all the huntsmen seemed pleased.

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