Imagine you have been chosen to play the role of one of the main characters in Dracula. Who would you choose and why? Give reasons and account for your answer using information in the book.

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  1. Rama says:

    I choose Jonathan Harker because he helped people that wanted to bought and sold houses. One day he arrived in a house of a very rich man called Dracula that wanted to bought a house in England but Dracula need the helped of Jonathan. He was afraid because all turned dark and silent but he was an experted.

  2. mariaaragone says:

    Great answer Bautista! Don’t forget to check your grammar.

  3. bautista buljevich says:

    I choose Jonathan Harker because even if he feel very scare for go to the house of Dracula, it was an experience. That part that he begin to the mansion, also the part that he give his hand for first time to Dracula and was very ice and in that moment i felt like a piece of ice. And finally when i slept in my lonely and dark room.

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