Oliver Twist


Imagine you are Oliver and you keep a diary of your life. Choose one of the many things that happened to you and write it down in your diary.

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4 Responses to Oliver Twist

  1. fran says:

    Hello diary, today i Was feeling bad because my father abandoned me and all those things but I am happy because a guy called Mr Brownlow adopted me so I am happy but the thing that happened to my father is so sad.

    • mariaaragone says:

      Fran, what do you mean by “all those things…” and “the thing that happened to my father is so sad…”. It is a little bit incomplete!

  2. mariaaragone says:

    Bautista, please write it again like a diary entry, retelling one of the things that happened to Oliver as if you were him.

  3. bautista buljevich says:

    That the Sr. Greownlow adopted me. Also when I also went to London. And finally, when I saw when bill dead.

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