The Man in the Iron Mask


Aramis, one of the former musketeers and a bishop, goes to the Bastille to visit Philippe, the imprisoned twin brother of the current king, Louis XIV. He tells Philippe that he can put him on the throne, switching him with his brother. Philippe is apprehensive at first, but Aramis insists the two men can do great things together. Does Aramis carry out his plan? How does he do it?

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6 Responses to The Man in the Iron Mask

  1. Tomy Braun says:

    Yes, it was succesful. The plan was that in a party in Vaux, Louis XIV told D’Artagnan to watch Foquet at night because the party was not good enought so he used some money and acused Foquet of stilling money from the treasury. At the night, Aramis kidnapped Louis and put Phillipe on the throne.

  2. mariaaragone says:

    Juan, what else can you tell me about his plan? Try to describe it using a paragraph, explaining the plan.

  3. Juan says:

    Yes, he could carry out his plan.

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