The Picture of Dorian Gray


Using the information in the book provide a twist in the story. Change the ending in a radical yet accountable way.

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  1. Gonza says:

    This is my end of the story:When Dorian killed Basil he liked to kill people so he started to kill his worst enemies. The police started to looked him but they couldn’t found him. 5 years later of Basil’s dead, the police found him. They took him to the jail. He has passed 3 years in the jail but today is going to be different, when soldier with a gun enter to the room to give food Dorian hit him and the soldier felt unconscious to the flor. Dorian starte runing and he escape. People say he could kill you if you are one of his enemies. Now Dorian is fre…

    • mariaaragone says:

      Gonza! Remember that TO + INFINITIVE and Modals + INFINITIVE
      Pay attention to tenses as welll!!

  2. Valen says:

    After killing Basil Dorian  felt so bad that he travelled to other country. A weeks later he felt in loved with a lovely girl called Elizabeth.  They were deply in loved so they got married, they have two kids and lived there lifes hapily. Dorian missed so much Lord Henry but he was afraid that if he knew his secret he will be dissapointed. He seem to be very happy with his wife and his kids  but the story of the picture follows him everywhere. 

  3. mariaaragone says:

    Well done Alvaro, next time remember to check your grammar and punctuation.

  4. Alvaro says:

    My ending is: When Lord Henry, Basil and Dorian were in theater seeing Sybil it was boring boring because Sybil was doing it so bad but they stayed until the end. When the act ended they went to see her and Dorian said the she had done very well although she do it horrible but Dornian was still loving Sybil. So one week later they marry and the were very happy.

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