The Three Musketeers


Write a page of Planchet’s diary retelling a part of the story.

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  1. Tomy Braun says:

    One day i was going with my lord D’artagnan an the the musketeers to give a letter from the queen to the duke of buckinham by horse when sudenlly some men who work for the cardinal shotted Aramis, attacked Aramis and kiddnaped Athos while he was asleep.D’artagnan and me where the only ones who left. We went to london by boat and after that we could finally reach London. When we were with the duke we gave him the letter and he ordered a joulery expert to do two more identic diamonds for her.
    The next day he gave us the wooden box and we returned to France with twelve diamonds and a letter to the queen

  2. mariaaragone says:

    Tommy, very good! You’ve done a great work.

  3. Tommy Moy says:

    The Other Day I Went to make a Picnic with D´Artagnan and The Three Musketeers. It was in a castle called La Rochelle. We wanted to go to a safe place. I brought a heavy busket with a good wine, some fruit, Bread and Meat. They told me that they were very hungry! So I quickly opened the basket and we started eating. Then we started talking about Milady´s and Cardinal´s plans to kill D´Artagnan and the Duke of Buckingham. She Wanted to take revenge on D´Artagnan. We were talking and suddenly the English people came to attack the castle. We quickly finished eating and we started fighting, some of them were climbing the castle so we pushed them and we started to shoot them, and two English people lay dead and D´Artagnan showed the brave he was.

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