The Turn of the Screw

Turn of the screw

Using the information in the book provide a twist in the story. Change the ending in a radical yet accountable way.

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  1. Luli Caviglione says:

    I care a lot about Miles so i wanted to protect him from Quint. I started thinking about what can i do to make Miles get fun and be a good boy, not to be a bad boy as Quint wanted. So i got an idea! i will take Miles to the lake and we can make joekes and have fun. We where having a great time but suddenly miles started doing crazy things and treat me very bad, so i knew Quint was there and a had to destroy him. So i remembered Miles loves fishing so we went fishing. We were having a lot of fun and i was feeling great because he was lovely and good again but again Quint apeare so i started getting Miles a lot of fun and suddenly Quint desapeared and never appered again.

    • mariaaragone says:

      Pay attention to grammar!! Stick to one tense and respect it. Sometimes the grammar mistakes make your story not so clear.

  2. Matías Ripoll says:

    After Mrs. Grose believed me an idea came into mi mind, it was the only posibilitie she they have to forget those terrible ghosts. Mrs. Grose will leave with them to there Uncle’s house in London away from them. The plan was good not perfect but probably they wouldn’t find them. I really loved Miles but I wanted he to be happy and grew like a good child. I told Mrs. Grose the plan, she agreed. The next day, at morning, I finally huged Miles and cried. They left. It was a very sad moment but I knew it was the best for them, and if it was the best for them, it was the best for me. That day I didn’t see Quint and Miss Jessel so it was a good new. Finally they lived without them.

    • mariaaragone says:

      Mati!!! I know your grammar is better than this. You just needed to re-read it before you post it!

  3. vjulia says:

    I think every thing is possible.
    EVERYTHING, from ghosts to elves.
    Miles is a very nice child, hes powerful as well but Quint is too.
    I was winning, he wasn’t.
    One afternoon we were by the lake playing hide and seek when I noticed the little boy staring at something situated in the other side of the lake. I didn’t see anything special, I figured Miles did.
    -“is it Quint?”- I asked gently touching his shoulder.
    -“No…its someone else”.
    -“Is it Miss Jessel?”
    – no is…”-he didn’t stop stearing.
    -“Who is it!”- I asked desperately.
    He didn’t answer.
    -“who!”- I garbed his head steel so he could look at me.
    His eyes were facing down, he looked at me terrified and said:

    • vjulia says:

      I am sorry in this part of my comment I made a mistake:
      – “no is…”-he didn’t stop stearing.
      I put “is” when I was supposed to put “its”
      An i wrote “stearing” when the correct word is “staring”.

      • mariaaragone says:

        Very good Viole! I’m glad you found some mistakes and corrected them. Be careful with grammar because there were some more… great work.

  4. Luz Esteban says:

    After Mrs Grose left Bly with Flora, we were a little bit sad, so I decided to enjoy of the beautiful day. Miles often played with Flora, but now, it was different because Flora wasn´t there to play with him. I was thinking of many ideas about how can we enjoy the day, but Miles was sad that he never accepted any of my ideas. Suddenly, I remembered of one of the things that Miles usually did, fishing. Imediatly,I asked Miles if he would like to do it. He thought of that a long time, but then he said that it would be a great idea to forget all the sadness. We went inside the house looking for some food to eat, a knife to cut the fish and some water. As soon as we were looking for it, I heard some strange noises. It seemed like someone doing sounds to call our attention. I was afraid because we were alone and noone could be into the house. I held Miles from his hand and we both went to see what was happening. We were walking around the enormous house when I heard someone shouting. The noises came frome the dinning room, so I entered. Suddenly, I saw a woman in black, like Mrs Jessel. I was very frightened of she, so I held Miles and we ran away from she. She started walking with a terrible face and she was crying for Miles. Of course, I would never gave Miles to Jessel. We were running very scared and I knew that the ghost was very clever and it was esay to she to caught us. While I was running, I was thinking in were could we be safe from Mrs Jessel. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. It was the river! We must go to the river and under the water, I cried very scared to Miles. We started running faster than ever. I´ve promised that I will protect Miles, that was my only reason of why I didn´t leave Bly. Suddenly, I found a tree in which I thought we would be safe. But the ghost, as I already said, was very clever so immediately she found us. The only idea that came to my mind was to be under the river´s water. With me and Miles, helding his hand, we went under the water. It was the only possibility to be safe because it was a ghost who can not be under the water. Unfortunately, this one, can be under water. While we were swimming, she caught Mile´s feet. As soon as she caught it, I remembered about the knife that I took while we were preparing the food. I get shocked but then I took the knife and tried to scare the ghost. Finally the terrible and horrible ghost ran away. We get worried about what happened but at least we were calm and safe. I knew I did the correct thing.

  5. Belu says:

    We were walking in the street when sudenly Miles stoped. I looked at him and he was afraid, he don’t look fine he looked bad very bad…
    I looked behind me and was…Quint. He was taling in adress codes and was doing Miles bad and crazy. Sudenly he started to shouted, and I only “la tranquilice” and we started to walked again.
    Quint have power on him, poor Miles. But at the end Quint, finally disappeared! Miles lived forever happy.

  6. mariaaragone says:

    Very good Anouk! Remember to pay attention to the tenses and pronouns, well done!

  7. Anouk LAF says:

    We were alone with Miles and I was protecting him at all costs. Miles start talking to me about Quint, so I have more information. We do all toghether: we dance, we play and we go to the lake, but of course preventing Quint.
    One day we where at the lake taking a picnic. Miles was at all time looking at the plants behind me.
    ‘What are you looking?’I ask him.
    ‘Nothing, I only like that plants behind you.’ He say to me afraid.
    I was suspecting that Miles doesn’t like that plants, he was looking at Quint that was hidden in the plants. I turned back slowly, and it was Quint. He was making Miles bad, so I have to make him good. Suddenly I get an idea: If I make him pass fun he may be good. So I started making crazy things, like singing funny and doing funny things. He started laughing , but Quint was still having power on him. When suddenly Miles pass to my side laughing and laughing. Quint faded and we live without any ghost in our lives, since that day.

    By: Anouk

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