White Fang

Write a summary of the story as if White Fang was speaking. Start like this:

My name is White Fang. I’m a wolf.

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  1. Abril says:

    My name is White Fang. I’m a wolf. I have an enemy calls Lip-lip, he is stronger and bigger than me but I’m also brave. Some years ago I lived with some man-animals but I didn’t call them like that I called them gods, I listened to them in all what they said to me. Everyday I learned something new. Since I arrived to the camp I had learned how to fight, how to hurt other animals, how to steal food to other animals and how to be braver, angrier and dengerous. One day the man-animals were living the camp so I took that opportunity to escape, to be free. After some time I got borred to be free so I returned to the camp. One day I was fighting with some dogs when a cruel man came, he was called Beauty Smith. Beauty wanted to buy me so he could win some Money with me because I am very strong. I didn’t want to live with him because he treated me really bad. One day, while I was fighting, two men came to me and bought me. First I was very afraid and frightened but then I realized that they were good men. One day one of my owners went to California, I was very sad that he was living so he let me to go with him. Well my life continued being very good. Now I am very happy and I live with a great family.

  2. mariaaragone says:

    Alexis, don’t forget to correct the typing and grammar mistakes, good work.

  3. Alexiss says:

    Hi my name is White Fang, im a wolf. I live in the artic a man was walking in the snow with his head down pulling a sled and on th sled was a a narrow box but there was 3 man.In the night they camped in the woods with fire and guns a with them dogs the two of them slept down. After a while they saw a cry of the wolf on pain. Days after that night the shewolf scaped first.

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