Around the World in 80 Days


When Phileas Fogg read in his newspaper that it was possible to travel around the world in only eighty days, his friends laughed. “It can’t be done!” said one. So Phileas Fogg set out to prove it could.

Tell us what you found most exciting about his journey.

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3 Responses to Around the World in 80 Days

  1. Viole says:

    My favorite part of the book is when they were in the train and while passing by some rocky cliffs Sioux warriors attacked them, I like it because Passepartout immediately came to rescue and then was kidnapped by the warriors. Passsepartout is my favorite character.

  2. mariaaragone says:

    Sofi, what else can you say about your favourite part of the book? Imagine you are talking with someone who hasn’t read the book and need more details to understand.

  3. Sofi Mele says:

    The most exciting part was when Passepartout save princess Aouda doing the King ghost and running over the fire.

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