David’s life is full of adventure. Choose one of his experiences and retell it.

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  1. Valen says:

    Ransome is accidentally killed by Mr.Shuan and David became the new cabin boy. Days later a small boat hit a rock. A man managed to jump into the ship. He spoke to the captain. The man told him that with this accident hi missed the french ship that was meeting him. He told the captain that if they could take him to france he will pay us. The captain and the man agreed to take him to Loch Linnhe for sixty pounds. David heard that they were planing to kill the stranger and quickly wetn to tell him. The man, Alan, told David to shoot if anyone wanted to enter and killed him. They did what they could and killed everyone. The next morning he captain told Alan that he couldn’t took him to Loch Linnhe because he had killed Mr. Shuan. Then…..

    • mariaaragone says:

      Valen, pay attention to grammar because in some cases it is not so easy to follow your retelling! Well done!

  2. Anouk LAF says:

    I am going to retell the experience in which Davie started to discover the things that were happening.
    Davie and his uncle were above the Firth of Forth. When his uncle went to the public house ,where Captain Hoseason was waiting for him for business, David ran down to the beach and met the captain. He told David that his uncle had killed his father and that he wants to hurt you. After his uncle finished business, they boarded the ship.
    When he was in the ship, the captain was talking to him, and Davie saw a boat returning to Queensferry with his uncle sitting there. Then something hit his head, saw a flash and fell in the ground.
    When he woke up, he felt ill, at first, he didn’t understand what was happening but, then he realised that he was in a part of the ship. Mr.Riach, one of the officers of the ship, was very kindly to him. David sleep in a cabin with the sailors and ,as time passed, he began to discover many things about the captains in the ship, because of the sailors.
    Mr.Shuan enjoyed drinking too much. One night, he get drank and Davie heard some sailors in the cabin saying: -Shuan had killed Ransome, one of the sailors which was a young boy….

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