Prisoner of Zenda


Sapt says to Rassendyll, ‘As a man grows old he believes more and more in chance. Chances sent you
here.’ Do you believe in chance? Do you think chance has had an effect on your life? What about chances in Rassendyll’s life? Explain.

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6 Responses to Prisoner of Zenda

  1. Trini says:

    I believe in chances. I think they´re very important in people´s life because if you don´t believe in chances you wouldn´t do your best to get things and you wouldn´t be proud of yourself, and I think that is very important because you really feel happy, and…who don´t like to feel happy? In the case of Rassendyll´s life, it was a unique chance the one he got in the coronation and if chances don´t cause an effect in his life he wouldn´t have the luck of being king for one day, and it was really brave and kind of him to help the king!

  2. Juan says:

    Yes I believe in chance. I think that chance has an effect in our life chance is all the things that we do. Like be a football player or be the a rich man that are chance that we can had. Rassendyll had the chance to be king for one they and I think that be king for one day is a very good chance.

  3. mariaaragone says:

    Matías, great answer, next time be more careful with tenses. Well done!

  4. Matías Ripoll says:

    I believe in chances. For example, if my parents didn´t chose this school I will not met such good friends as I have now. In chances in Rassendyll´s life, he was very lucky to go to the coronation of the king and this king was so drunk he couldn´t go to his own coronation and he replaced him. That was a very important chance in his life, and he was very brave and generous to help the king and Ruruitania. His braveness was above of all in this story.
    I really liked this story.

    Mati Ripoll

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