Treasure Island

treasure island

Quite a story, isn’t it? Loaded with adventure and action. Choose one of the many experiences Jim Hawkins goes through and retell it as if you were a reporter writing for a newspaper.

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  1. Tommy Moy says:

    A few days ago, I interviewed Jim Hawkins, an adventurer. He told us about a new trip he did. He, John silver and his friends were traveling in a ship, when they saw the treasure island, they went directly to the mountains, to find a treasure chest called “The flints treasure” When they arrived they discovered that the treasure wasn’t there, but when he was left by another sailors, they discovered that the treasure was found after 3 years of searching it.

  2. Gonzalo irazusta says:

    Helo, before a few minutes we were talking with Jim Hawkins , he talked about an adventure, this trip is very famous its calls The Mountain .Here Jim Hawkins, Old Jhon Silver and his men went to a mountain looking for the flints treasure, there they discovered that the treasure wasnt tuere, it was in the cabe of flint.

  3. mariaaragone says:

    Trini, your answer is Ok but be careful with the tenses, good job!

  4. Trini says:

    Today I have interviewed Jim Hawkins and he started to tell me about he met Captain Bill and how they spent the next few weeks. Jim was in his father´s inn when someone knock on the door. An old sailor singing a song appeared in the door, according to what i heard he was scary, tall and with white hair. He was bringing with him a wooden box. The weeks passed and the sailor told Jim a lot of pirate stories and he drink a lot of rum. One day a blind beggar appeared and started to talk with the Captain ,Hawkins look for rum to gave to the old beggar , but when he came back they where fighting. Then the beggar disappeared and the Captain felll in the floor. The doctor said that he need to rest a few days. This is the starting of Jim Hawkins story.

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