History Review

Hello  boys and girls!

I´m so happy that you can remember so many topics from last year!!

This is the summary we did together.

fot foto

Bauti took the pictures….not a great photographer, hahahahaha.

Which was your favourite topic? Why?

Leave your comment!

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5 Responses to History Review

  1. Cami De Martini says:

    my favorite topic was the Tudors because i like the idea of learning people’s life and what culture or religion they followed.

  2. oliverio says:

    The knights because they fought until the last moment to protect their castle\country\kingdom.

  3. Cami says:

    My favorite topic were the Tudors because I like to learn people’s cultures and how they lived in other times .

  4. Mati Ripoll says:

    My favourite was the England because their history was very interesant.

  5. Juan says:

    My favorite topic was the Romans because I like their war strategy and I like also that they were one of the greatest empires of the ancient world.

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