Summer Reading Activity

On Friday we worked with palindromes and semordnilap.

Palindromes are words that you read the same way forward or backward, such as dad, radar, mom, did, level and noon.

Semordnilaps are words that if you read them backwards you read a different existing word, they have another meaning.


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4 Responses to Summer Reading Activity

  1. oliverio says:

    Some examples for palindromes are: race car, Was it a car or a cat I saw?, Madam,

    Some other examples for semordnilap: desserts-stressed, now-won and saw-was.

  2. Abril says:

    More examples of PALINDROMES: a toyota, sugus, kayak, wow, eye, civic and hannah
    More examples of SEMORDNILAPS: pets-step, devil-lived, desserts-stressed, now-won and saw-was

  3. mariaaragone says:

    Very Good Gonza!! Who can provide more examples of palindromes and semordnilaps?? What about sentences or phrases that can be read the same way forward or backward??

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