Everybody should do some charity work.


Sofi, Abril and Belu wrote this opinion piece on charity.

Everybody should do some charity work.

      Now more people in the country are poor or are in hospital and nobody helps them. They need a push to go ahead. I am going to give you some reasons to tell you why you have to help people that are in a lower social class or the ones that have an illness.

       First of all I think that everybody deserves a very good life. So we all have to participate in doing special actions, every one contributing with what they can, with a grain of sand. Neighbours can give  healthy food to people that are sleeping in the street or donate presents for people in hospitals.

     I believe that charity can make us better people. Charity is not only helping the poor, you can do community work to live in a better place. Or maybe,  go to a hospital and make children laugh.

       Finally, in my opinion, another reason is that if you help you are making other people happy and you are going to be happy too.  It is difficult to get rid of your toys, clothes or personal things but it will be better for you, for the ones you are helping and for your country, it’ll become a place with good neighbours.

       In conclusion, you have to do some charity work because you are going to make others laugh and smile.

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