Elizabeth I and Walter Raleigh

After your History presentations in which you spoke about Elizabeth and how she built her reputation as a powerful and strog Queen, an interesting question came up:

Wa Elizabeth happy with her life?

Did she regret no marrying? not having kids?

We discussed the topic and later on, we read this poem: “When I was Fair and Young” by Queen Elizabeth, which reveals the answer to our queries.

Watch this video:

When I was fair and young, and favour graced me,
Of many was I sought their mistress for to be.
But I did scorn them all, and said to them therefore:
‘Go, go, go, seek some otherwhere; importune me no more.’

How many weeping eyes I made to pine in woe;
How many sighing hearts I have not skill to show,
But I the prouder grew, and still this spake therefore:
‘Go, go, go, seek some otherwhere; importune me no more.’

Then spake fair Venus’s son, that brave victorious boy,
Saying: ‘You dainty dame, for that you be so coy,
I will so pluck your plumes as you shall say no more:
”Go, go, go, seek some otherwhere; importune me no more”.’

As soon as he had said, such change grew in my breast
That neither night nor day I could take any rest.
Wherefore I did repent that I had said before:
‘Go, go, go, seek some otherwhere; importune me no more.’

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603)

-Which lines in the poem answer the questions we discussed in class?


Even such is time, which takes in trust
Our youth, our joys, and all we have,
And pays us but with age and dust,
Who in the dark and silent grave
When we have wandered all our ways
Shuts up the story of our days,
And from which earth, and grave, and dust,
The Lord shall raise me up, I trust.

Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618)

-What is he trying to tell Queen Elizabeth?

Follow this link

-What do they tell each other?

Leave a comment with all your answers and a personal conclusion on Queen Elizabeth´s reign.


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7 Responses to Elizabeth I and Walter Raleigh

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  2. Pat says:

    Great comments kiddies!!
    Now you understand her much better!!, especially why she never got married!!

  3. Abril says:

    1) It says the answer in all the fourth papargaph.
    2) It want to tell Elizabeth that they have to stop regreting and telling the story of their days and trust each other and be together because they were similar. It was the time to be together if not they were going to get old and it would be too late.
    3) He tell Elizabeth that he love her and wanted to be with her. But she said that she didn´t trust on men or love because she had no luck in love.

    Elizabeth had a good reign, she had a lot of power and all her people loved her. Because of that it was easy to her to change again the country into protestantism. Althougth she had difficult years like when her older sister, Mary I (Queen of Scotland) and her mother made a mess to Elizabeth she always had a great reputation. For me it was a good Queen of England.

  4. Oliverio says:

    1) I think she did have a happy life, because she was a strong and powerful queen that was loved by many.
    2) I think she did not regret because if she had a hisband or children she would’ve have an unhappy life because she would be less powerful than his husband

  5. Tommy M, Sol and Flor says:

    1 – 2) At first yes, when she was young she was enjoying her life, but later Elizabeth regret about marrying and having kids because she didn’t want to die alone, she was scared because her father killed her mother when she young and she didn’t that happen with her.

  6. Luli y Luz says:

    1) For us yes because she had a great reputation and she was loved by her people
    2) Yes she did
    3) It’s said the answer in the fourth paragraph line 1.
    4) He is trying to say to Elizabeth that she should trust on him and that the moment is now to be tougher
    5) He said to her that he love her and that time passed and they got old and they couldn’t be together. And she said that she was not lucky at all and that she would not trust on love.
    6) We think that Elizabeth had a great reign and she was a great queen loved by her people, also she had a great reputation.

  7. Cami y Luli says:

    She wasn’t happy because she died alone, thou she decided not to get married not having children in the end she regrets her decision.
    We know that because at the end of the poem she says “go go go seek some otherwhere; importuned me no more”

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