Industrial Revolution: opinion writing

Child labor was really important during the Industrial Revolution and helped Britain to become an Empire. Do you agree?


Some testimonies

Plan your writing:

-Introduction: state your idea and opinion.

-Body (2-3 paragraphs) Give reasons and evidence

-Conclusion: re-state your opinion.

Use the note you took from the videos we saw last class.

Use the notes you took from the presentation your partners gave about this topic.



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1 Response to Industrial Revolution: opinion writing

  1. bautista y martin says:

    Our opinion wiring about the Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolutio was a long progress, a lot of children suffered. People lost his works because factories did his works better and cheaper. Parents sent their little children to work in factories for did money.

    Factories managers treated very badly the guys who worked there. Children aged 11-18 be permitted to work a maximum of twelve hours for day, children 9-11 were allowed to work 8 hour days, children under 9 were no longer permitted to work at all, children as young as 3 had been put to work previously.

    It was very dangerous to work in factories, because they were unprotected, (they were without a helmet, shoes and gloves). Also they sometimes died inside the chimney because they enter to climbed it and they could get caught.

    They had children working in fields. These works were little more dangerous because it was more common sick and die. Also works were much more dangerous and tiring than jobs in factories.

    Our conclusion is that the children suffered a lot. Also that children do not have to work, but to study. The adults have to work. But the good side is that adults realized that it was wrong.

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