Stephen Bantu Biko

Read about this man

Stephen Bantu Biko

Source 1

Source 2

Who was he?

What does “Bantu” mean? (Search for this on the Internet if necessary)

What calls your attention about his life?

Apartheid Read about this movement.

-What did it consist in?

-Write 3 characteristics of the movement.

-Choose 1 source and explain it.

-What is your opinion about this?

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8 Responses to Stephen Bantu Biko

  1. Martin and Ale says:

    1-He was born in King William’s Town, South Africa in 18 of december of 1946

    2-The term Bantu is derived from the word for people common to many of the Bantu language, South African English

    3-her father died when he was 4 years old, he was expelled from school because he was black

    4-it contsits set of laws,that black an whit people couldn t married

    5-that the black people coulden t married the whight people, he was expel of the school,were certain jobs that only white people could be hired to do.

    6- nelson madela. he put equality betwen black people and white people.

    7- my opinon about this is that the racismis bad, is black skin is the same,I am against racism

  2. Luz y Marcos says:

    1- He was an african man who grew whithout his father. He was expelled from many schooles because of his political activities. Then he went to a multiracial organization. When he became the president of the all- blacks (black community)
    2-Bantu means a group of black people who spoke the same language.
    3-This calls our atention that af first, he was expelled from many shcooles and then he became very important because he was the president of the all- black organization.
    4- It consists in separate the different groups of raices. Also it was an official legally and physically law in Shout Africa.
    5-One caracteristic is that black and white people couldn’t use the same bathroom. Another caraterostic was that black people used a different transport. And the third caracteristic is that black and white people couldn’t get married.
    6- Source 3 is about that black people was and ancians were separeted of white people and used different bathrooms.
    7-Our opinion is that it was horrible those differenced but we understand that it was another time and people thought different.

  3. bautista buljevich y francisco montoya says:

    He was the third child in an average family where his father was a clerk and his mother was a maid.

    Bantu is a language of many in South Africa.
    something that calls our attention, was that Stephen Biko has never gave up.
    – This consist in a set of laws.

    – That black and white people couldn t get married/ black people couldn t do some works/ black people needed a permision to eneter no some places.

    We choose this one because we like a lot what Nelson Mandela did to the black people.

    – Our opinion about this, was that it was very racist

  4. Luli y Trini says:

    1) He was a black man that wanted to fight for black people been treated as equal as white people.
    2) A communite of black people that speake banto language, that lid central and south africa.
    3) That he made a terrorism act.
    a- It consisted in a set of laws that separated , legally and physicaly different racial groups from each other.
    b- Characteristics:
    – White and black people couldn’t get married
    – They were some jobs that only whie people could be hired.
    – Black people were forced to take pass books with their fingerprints, photo and information so that they could enter to areas that were concered “non-black”

  5. Gonza, Cami y Tomy.B says:

    1)Stephen Bantu Biko was black southafrican who was the first president of the all-black southafrican african students.
    2)Bantu it’s a niger-congo language.
    3)What call our atention is that racism remains after all these years.
    4)A set of laws that legally and phisically separated different racial grupo from each other.
    5)Black people and white people can’t get married, there were some jobs that only white people could did and black people yes or yes had to have “pass book” for their fingerpreints.
    6)We choose Nelson Mandela’s statue because he was the first black president and he changed a lot the racism.
    7)We think that the people that hate black people is wrong because we all we deserve respect.

  6. Juana and Flopi says:

    Who was he?
    1-He was the third child of a maid and a clerk. He studied medicine and received as a doctor but he didn’t work on that because he created an organization called all-Black African students, which defended the rights of the black people.
    What does “Bantu” mean? (Search for this on the Internet if necessary)
    2-Is one of the languages that the black people talked in South Africa.
    What calls your attention about his life?
    3- That he fought for the rights of the black people.
    Apartheid Read about this movement.
    -What did it consist in?
    4- It consist on the discrimination of black people over white people
    -Write 3 characteristics of the movement.
    1- One of them was that the black people and white people couldn’t get married, another was that there were some jobs in which white people could only be hired and the last one was the separation of black and white people.

    -Choose 1 source and explain it.
    We choose the photo of apartheid which means that every time you saw that sign white people could only pass.
    -What is your opinion about this?
    Our opinion is that we don’t have to discriminate the black people only for their color or appearance

  7. Tommy M and Alvaro says:

    1- He was the leader of the black people, he also was the founder of an organization. In this organization, he used the apartheid system, this had a psychological effects to the black people, because the black said that were inferior than the white people. After this, he was banned by the government. This didn’t help him.

    2. The bantu was the apartheid regime where the black people were. This regime was using the Bantu Language, that`s why its called “Bantu”. The people that spoke the Bantu language originated 4,000 years ago.

    3- The thing that called my attention was that he suffered to protect the black people in South Africa.


    1- This consists that in that time, laws were created that separated racial groups. This meant racial discrimination. Sometimes the people could not marry. For example, a black man and a white woman.

    – New laws were created against the different racies.
    – There were people that agreed with this laws and some others not. They fought for it.
    – The white people had more access to things than the black people.

    3- “White persons only” In this warning sign said that, only white people were allowed to enter that place.

    4- For us, this was wrong because all of us have the same caracterisics. They didn`t have to separe the black people from the white people. This was racial discrimination.

  8. Facundo says:

    1- He was a man who was the third child in a average family and the first president of the all-Black South Africa Students’ organization. His parents were a clerk and a maid.

    2-Is a language family spoken by most
    populations in Africa.

    3-That he was the first president of the SASO.

    4-It consist in stop racism and making black people also important.

    a) Separation, the made black people stay away from white people
    b) They couldn’t get married with wite people.
    c) There were jobs that were only for white people

    6- There is a photo of a sing that says “white people only” because black people had to be outorised to go to a place.

    7- I am definitely don’t agree with this because black people have to be able to go where they want.

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