Testing for Glucose and Starch Tommy M and Martin

Report     19/10/15
Testing for starch and glucose.
Hypotesis: The Glucose will be absorbed by the small intestine.
Materials: Beaker, Dropping pipette, visking tubing, knot in tubing, water.
1- We took a piece of the visking tubing and we rub it between our fingers until we could open it out.
2-  We used a dropping pipette, we almost filled the tubing with starch and a glucose solution.
3- We tied a cotton tightly around the top of the tubing.
4- We rinsed the tubing to remove the left of the glucose solution and the starch.
5- We put the tubing into a beaker and we added water ti cover it. Then we left it for 20 minutes.
6- We took a sample of the water outside the tubing  and we tested it for starch.
7- We took a second sample of the water outside the tubing and we tested it for reducing sugar. And then we recorded the results in a paper.

Conclution: The starch was not absorbed because it had large molecules and the glucose had small molecules.

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