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Absolutism vs Liberty

This is the summery of Absolutism vs Liberty. You can study this for the test!

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Some Tips

These are the things that will be in the tests of Literature & History:   Literature The Black Cat The Fall of the House of Usher Plot- What is it about Symbols Theme- Message Gothic elements Drinking is bad Setting … Continue reading

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Future Forms-By: Juana & Anouk

This is a Prezi in which explains the Future Forms: Clic the link:

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The Revolt of Nederlands-(by: Rama, Juan & Gon)

Today the boys told us what was “The Revolt of Nederlands”

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Measuring Volume of a PEBBLE-By:Valen and Anouk😎

Last class we did an experiment to know what is the volume of a pebble and we what to share it to you!!!  

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Science Presentation By Tommy M, Ale, Anouk, Juan and Tommy B


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