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Lending Library 2015

Reading a book is like travelling through time and space. This time we’ll be travelling with the classics, books you must read. You’ll meet Emma and enjoy her match-making adventures, you’ll find out about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, you’ll … Continue reading

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You be the reporter!

This time you are going to write newspaper article. Using the images below write a story describing the discovery of some mummies in Egypt. Let’s make it more interesting, shall we? Use the tutorial below to really create a newspaper … Continue reading

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These are the corrections of Friday´s homework for those who did not hand it in!! Booklet Page 16 Exercise 4 1) Has just opened – 2) woke up – 3) for – 4) gave – 5) yet – 6) has … Continue reading

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Oral Exam!!!

Let´s start practising for our oral exams!! I invite you to pay a look at this YouTube video, so that you have a clear idea of how I am going to test you. We will practise together this Friday, so … Continue reading

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Reading week @Las Cumbres

Last Friday we took some time to relax and enjoy a good story. We read in groups taking turns and were transported for a while to haunted houses, coaches driven by ghosts and the amazing mysteries of Sherlock Holmes! It … Continue reading

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What can you tell us about your bedroom????

This week J7 students shared a picture of their bedrooms and told us something about it! Let’s pay a look at them and decide which one you like most!! Thank you very much Tomy Moy for all your help!!!!

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Revising Tenses

We have been revising the differences between the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. Here you have a brief presentation with all the information given. Remember to ask me if you have any doubts!!

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Robinson Crusoe

Imagine you are Robinson. Write 4 entries in his diary similar to the ones on page 14. Choose another part of the story to describe.

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Treasure Island

Quite a story, isn’t it? Loaded with adventure and action. Choose one of the many experiences Jim Hawkins goes through and retell it as if you were a reporter writing for a newspaper.

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Prisoner of Zenda

Sapt says to Rassendyll, ‘As a man grows old he believes more and more in chance. Chances sent you here.’ Do you believe in chance? Do you think chance has had an effect on your life? What about chances in … Continue reading

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