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The Twins Adventure – Cocobook

The online version of the amazing story you co-wrote with all Junior School is ready! Browse the book and enjoy it!

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland will be on at the cinema soon.  Prepare a movie poster!! Follow this link: and convince everyone that they must see this movie!!

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Social networks By Abril

This is my presentation about social media. Hope you like it! Social Networks

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You be the reporter!

This time you are going to write newspaper article. Using the images below write a story describing the discovery of some mummies in Egypt. Let’s make it more interesting, shall we? Use the tutorial below to really create a newspaper … Continue reading

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These are the corrections of Friday´s homework for those who did not hand it in!! Booklet Page 16 Exercise 4 1) Has just opened – 2) woke up – 3) for – 4) gave – 5) yet – 6) has … Continue reading

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Oral Exam!!!

Let´s start practising for our oral exams!! I invite you to pay a look at this YouTube video, so that you have a clear idea of how I am going to test you. We will practise together this Friday, so … Continue reading

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Reading week @Las Cumbres

Last Friday we took some time to relax and enjoy a good story. We read in groups taking turns and were transported for a while to haunted houses, coaches driven by ghosts and the amazing mysteries of Sherlock Holmes! It … Continue reading

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More Booktubes!

Congrats on your work people!

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Future Forms-By: Juana & Anouk

This is a Prezi in which explains the Future Forms: Clic the link:

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Special Project! Booktubes

Here are the very first booktubes. Congrats to those students who managed to complete this special project in time! Great job to all of you! I can´t wait to see all the missing videos!

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