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Presentation Present Perfect Simple and Continuous – By: Trini and Valen

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Reading Project! Booktubes

I really can´t wait to see your book tubes children! Here I´m leaving some tips that you might find useful… 1. Read your book. 2. Choose the activity that you will be developing. 3. Write an outline of your booktube … Continue reading

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What can you tell us about your bedroom????

This week J7 students shared a picture of their bedrooms and told us something about it! Let’s pay a look at them and decide which one you like most!! Thank you very much Tomy Moy for all your help!!!!

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Past Simple vs Past Continuous

We have been revising the differences between the Past Simple and the Past Continuous. With Luli we made a presentation showing how and when you use each tense.To enter to the Prezi you have to copy the link that appear … Continue reading

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Revising Tenses

We have been revising the differences between the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. Here you have a brief presentation with all the information given. Remember to ask me if you have any doubts!!

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Summer Reading Activity

On Friday we worked with palindromes and semordnilap. Palindromes are words that you read the same way forward or backward, such as dad, radar, mom, did, level and noon. Semordnilaps are words that if you read them backwards you read … Continue reading

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