Revolutionary changes in Britain Abril, Tomy and Juan

Revolutionary changes in Britain

This is our history presentation. Hope you like it!

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Robert Catesby´s family by Flopy and Belu


This is our presentation of Robert Catesby´s family. Hope you like it!

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Charles I (Luli, Rama and Sofi)

Charles I

This is our presetation of Charles I, to enter you have to clik on the link.

Hope you like it!

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Everybody should do some charity work.


Sofi, Abril and Belu wrote this opinion piece on charity.

Everybody should do some charity work.

      Now more people in the country are poor or are in hospital and nobody helps them. They need a push to go ahead. I am going to give you some reasons to tell you why you have to help people that are in a lower social class or the ones that have an illness.

       First of all I think that everybody deserves a very good life. So we all have to participate in doing special actions, every one contributing with what they can, with a grain of sand. Neighbours can give  healthy food to people that are sleeping in the street or donate presents for people in hospitals.

     I believe that charity can make us better people. Charity is not only helping the poor, you can do community work to live in a better place. Or maybe,  go to a hospital and make children laugh.

       Finally, in my opinion, another reason is that if you help you are making other people happy and you are going to be happy too.  It is difficult to get rid of your toys, clothes or personal things but it will be better for you, for the ones you are helping and for your country, it’ll become a place with good neighbours.

       In conclusion, you have to do some charity work because you are going to make others laugh and smile.

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Lucia and Trini wrote a great piece on charity work!!  


Nowadays, people are more worried about material things than about giving a little of themselves to help poor people.  I believe charity work is a great way to help people.

First of all, I think that helping is also good for the one that is doing it because you feel proud of yourself. There are plenty of ways to help people for example donating on the internet or going to an organization and offer your help.  You can donate food, money, clothes, material for making houses, medical devices or whatever you want ( but they have to be in good condition).

In addition, you can also donate your time, for example you can teach something to children, read to the blind, you can make children laugh and have a good time, build a house to poor people (for  example organization TECHO). Some people think that helping at least half an hour doesn’t help, but it helps more than they think.

Summarizing, helping warms your heart and it won’t take up nothing from you. They will appreciate it a lot, and of course they really need it. I believe that if everyone helps a little bit, this will be a better world.

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Is Charity Work Needed?

Valentina and Anouk wrote a nice piece in class about charity.


In our opinion, everybody should do charity work. Nowadays, many people need help from others, because there are a lot of poor people in the world.

  Obviously , we think that charity work help you to be a good person. There are a lot of things that you can do. For example, help the poor, work in an orphanage and give love to the orphans, do charity collections for the church or build a house for the ones that don’t have one. Not necessarily you need to do it alone, you can tell your friends to go with you, the more the better.

In addition to this, instead of staying watching TV in your house, or doing something that doesn’t help at all, you can go out and have fresh air helping the others in the Shanty Town, spending time with them. The best of all, is that the weather wouldn’t stop you. You can help in the place or time you want.

As you can see, we believe that charity work is the best thing to do if you want to help. If you read this and you want to help, contact any charity agency and they will accept you as a  charity volunteer. In brief, helping is the right thing to do.


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Testing glucose and fats-Trini, Flor and Viole.

Collage 2015-09-07 15_23_22In the science class we tested if glucose was present in coke, coke zero and sugar. Also we tested if fats were present in oil.

By Trini, Flor and Viole.

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Starting my opinion writing

Resultado de imagen para writing

Last class, we worked on the organization and plan of an opinion writing.


Try this exercise

These phrases will help you write your opinion writing. Make a good use of them and do not repeat!!

In my opinion

I believe

It is my belief that

There is no doubt that

From my point of view

It seems to me that

I question whether

I (dis) agree with

I maintain that



For the reasons above

As you can see

As I have noted

In other words

On the whole

In short

To be sure

Without a doubt



In brief


In any case


In any event

First           Furthermore

Second      In addition

Third          Also

Finally        Last

Equally important

In the first place


Besides          Further

Next               Again

Moreover       Similarly

For example

In fact

For instance

As evidence

In support of this

Because of

Due to

For this reason



Caused by

This results in



As a result of

Leads to

In effect

Brought about

Made possible

As might be expected

Give rise to

Was responsible for


Compared to

In like manner

On the other hand


Even though


In the same way


On the contrary

As opposed to

Rather than


As well as

Have in common

All are

The same as


Whether of not

In spite of


Open a google drive and in pairs write an opinion writing.

Choose 1 topic to write about 120 words.

a. Boxing is a dangerous sport and should be prohibited.

b. Kids under 16 should not use any social networks.

c. Everybody should do some charity work.

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HUMAN BODY: nutrition and diet

Hi everyone!


Last class we have started with the 2nd part of our Science course.
We are going to investigate the “Human body”.

Our 1st topic is HUMAN NUTRITION.

1)  In groups prepare a presentation about the main nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
– Include:
a- sources: food which contains each of the nutrients
b- functions in our body: why do we need them?

2) Post them in this blog

and…make it attractive! Include pictures, videos, examples of your diet, etc.

Good luck!


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